mr_eko (mr_eko) wrote in eastwestcoast,

Road Trip

I'm thinking about doing a cross country road trip from New Jersey to San Francisco during spring break (3/4-3/11). Any advice/stories/warnings will be welcome. I'm considering going through Chicago and then taking Route 66 all the way down to LA. Comments? Planning this out this weekend so I will edit it then and add details.
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I did the CT to CA trip this past summer, so if you have any questions, please feel free to run them past me. :) Have fun!
1) What states did you cross through and what sites did you stop at? Any that you think are particularly worthwhile of stopping at?

2) How did you cut down on gas expenses? Did you get a gas card? I heard about something called a gas card but I'm not sure what that is. Is it a credit card or a debit card or can it be both?

3) What travel guides if any did you use?