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Gasp! Lookie!! *points to cut*

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We'd arrive on the 20th, and go see WSP the next day!! I love how all of this is coming together. The picture of the maps is the AVERAGE of where we want to/would go. Minus: Anywhere in Cali, Ruby Mountains, anywhere past New Mexico, Salmon River, Mt. Rushmore (because really, who HONESTLY wants to go there for a vacation if you had the choice? Just buy a freaking post card. sheesh.), and all the rest are open for grabs. But basically we'll be going to: Denver (flying out to there from Savannah), Grand Canyon, Zion, Yosesi-somebody, Jackson Hole, and elsewhere. We'll be gone for the minimum of two weeks, max (and more likely) 3 weeks. Just me and Dad. He said next year I can bring somebody along. :D

Well, I just figured I'd post this before I went to bed while it was still fresh on my mind.

Love to everybody!!

We could be seeing The String Cheese Incident and Bob Weir & Ratdog, and have either Keller Williams or Taj Mahal open for them, but that's too late in our time (July 2/3, we'd be long gone from Colorado by then) for us. Either them OR Ween/the Flaming Lips (but they're allll the way on July 29th. :( Oh well.)!!
Okay, I swear I'm done.

Feed back, anyone? Also if you live out there and you wanna meet up, just let me know!! I'd love to meet some of you and what-not. Or, if you've done this sort of trip in the area before: any tips/places to go? We're really really open to lots of things at this point, so DON'T be shy!! :) Any festivals of anysort or anything!!

X-Posted to various communities and partially to MySpace. :) You love me anyway.
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